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Carpet Cleaning in Eden Prairie

Ace Chem-Dry® is Eden Prairie's trusted provider of carpet cleaning services. Equipped with our industry’s most advanced cleaning technologies, Ace Chem-Dry delivers a deeper, healthier clean to your home’s carpets. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) method can help you get your carpets cleaner and keep them clean longer, while giving you a healthier home.

Carpet cleaning services from Ace Chem-Dry are available throughout Eden Prairie & the surrounding community.

Carpet Cleaning Specialists

When Eden Prairie homeowners choose carpet cleaning services from Ace Chem-Dry, they’re choosing a tried and tested, industry-leading process. Each year, over 1 billion square-feet of carpet worldwide are cleaned using the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning process. This process uses Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) to clean deeper than traditional steam cleaning.

The Chem-Dry process combines our proprietary cleaning solution, called The Natural®. This solution is green-certified by the FDA, and uses the power of carbonation to lift dust, dirt, and grime out of carpet fibers. Our technicians then use our proprietary PowerHead® cleaning system to lift these particles from the carpet’s surface, resulting in a truly exceptional clean for your carpets.

Our cleaning process boasts a range of advantages for Eden Prairie homeowners, resulting in faster-drying carpets, a deeper clean, and a healthier home.

Drier. The Chem-Dry carpet cleaning process uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning methods. With cleaning services by Ace Chem-Dry, your carpets will dry within 1-2 hours, rather than 1-2 days. Also, because our cleaning process dries faster, we reduce the chance of mold or mildew forming after cleaning.

Cleaner. Our cleaning process is the most powerful process currently available for carpeting, cleaning deeper than other systems. We are confident that none of our competitors will leave your carpets cleaner than Ace Chem-Dry. Furthermore, our process leaves behind zero soapy residue, which means your carpets will take longer to re-soil.

Healthier. In an independent study, our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process removed more than 97% of common household allergens from carpets. When combined with a sanitizer, our process also eliminated 89% of airborne bacteria, along with 82% of bacteria in carpets. The Natural® cleaning solution is FDA green-certified, making our process a great choice for homes with kids and pets.

In addition to our standard carpet cleaning services, Ace Chem-Dry offers a range of specialized services for homeowners in the twin cities area. Our services include specialized stain removal, pet urine odor removal, upholstery cleaning, and more.

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