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Rug Cleaning in Maple Grove: About Our Services

For homeowners in Maple Grove, MN, regular rug cleanings from trusted professionals can preserve the health, cleanliness, and color of your carpets. Area rugs act as a magnet for dirt, allergens, and bacteria. In fact, studies show that one square foot of carpeting can contain as much as one pound of dirt! For families with children, pets, and high-traffic homes, that also means your rugs can set off allergies or other health concerns. The cleaning experts at Ace Chem-Dry® can help, whether you have a stunning Persian rug or a simple IKEA carpet. We'll complete a visual inspection before we start cleaning, assessing your rug's construction and fabrics so we can administer a gentle but deep clean.

Rug Cleaning Services from Maple Grove Experts

With Ace Chem-Dry, you'll get rug cleaning services that prioritize the health of your family as well as the long life of your rug by:

  • Taking action against germs. Our products can aggressively target germs, dirt, and bacteria. We have additional cleaners and sprays to utilize against pet odors, stains, and other unpleasant or unsightly issues. Best of all, our products leave minimal residue to prevent rapid re-soiling.
  • Preserving lush color. When you have a gorgeous rug, you want to show off its stunning color. Our powerful cleaning equipment lifts carpet pile and preserves the vibrant dye in rug fibers to revitalize your carpet. For high-end Oriental rugs, our technicians can adhere to techniques and practices specifically from the Middle East to improve your rug's appearance.
  • Being safe to use around family. We're family-first, which is why our products are non-hazardous to children, pets, and other vulnerable family members. We refuse to use cleaners with carcinogens or high toxicity levels. In fact, our rug cleanings improve the air quality of your Maple Grove home by reducing allergens and other respiratory concerns.

Ace Chem-Dry: Your Choice in Rug Cleaning

With the expert carpet cleaners at Ace Chem-Dry, you can avoid the environmental and home risks of steam cleaning. Steam cleaning causes significant water waste and many chemical cleaners are toxic to the environment.That means less risk of mold, mildew, or other concerns. With an annual, professional rug cleaning from Ace Chem-Dry, you can preserve your Maple Grove home and its beautiful carpets.

For expert rug cleanings in Maple Grove, call Ace Chem-Dry today at (763) 753-9855.


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